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Why Blogaholics?

It all began in 2005 when Arieanna turned to corporate blogging to help a client with Google ranking. Ianiv helped Arieanna set up one - then many - blogs to test how to build and sustain online communities. Arieanna shared her knowledge with clients and broadly at speaking events including BlogHer.

Blogaholics represented this period of exploration, first as a personal website and later as a successful consultancy.

As a software developer, Ianiv Schweber has helped develop mobile and web-based platforms with several start-ups. Since 2015, Ianiv has been a senior software developer with Machinify.

Arieanna Schweber has been helping corporate clients tell their stories for the past 15 years. Arieanna brings highly specialized experience to clients in healthcare, educational technology, device management, Cloud, and data security.

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